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Hanon Law “Loi Hanon” March 17 2014 brings simplification to termination of house insurance contacts on French properties

Under French Law a house insurance contract is automatically renewed on anniversary date.

Before the “Loi Hamon” reform, failing to give notice 2 month before anniversary date, the contract was automatically renewed for one year without possibility of terminating it before the next anniversary date.

Loi Hamon” has simplified conditions of termination.

After the first year, the contract can be terminated at any time 30 days after notice of termination by registered poste.

The house insurance contract can also be terminated at any time if the insurer has not informed his client of the possibility of not renewing the contract as explained above.

When a dispute arises between the parties, the client can sue his insured during 2 years from the refusal by the insure to guarantee damage. Past this delay, it is no longer possible to  litigate against the insurance company.

In such a these mater it is wise to seek the advice of a legal practitioner.