The Practice

Gregory HANSON is an English speaking French lawyer (« Avocat »), trained in French Law.

IMG_3366 rognéHis practice is registered at the NIMES City (South of France) Law Society, as such it is bound by a professional code of ethics.

The Practice was created in 1998 and assists clients in many areas of law ( please refer to areas of practice).

The office notably helps English speaking individuals or companies having issues with the French legal system.

Gregory HANSON frequently advises owners in jeopardy after they have acquired properties in France as part of an investment scheme, often financed through a French bank mortgage.

Many owners encounter difficulties with either the developer, or the manager of the property, or the bank.

Gregory HANSON assists owners in negotiations and, if this fails, he conducts court action in the best interest of his clients.

The hourly fee of the practice is 180 € not including VAT (20 %).

For specific undertakings, it is usual practice to charge a fixed fee.

Contingency fees can also be considered depending on circumstances.

Once Practice and Client have agreed on the task that should be accomplished a letter of mission is signed between them.

A retainer will be demanded.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us.